Our Toys Encourage Active, Social Play

Our Toys Encourage Active, Social and Imaginative Play
Pressure Games believes active, social, and imaginative play is instrumental to the healthy development of kids. We create exciting toys that combine classic playground games, which require movement, competitive and cooperative interactions, and are fun to a diverse age group, with light-touch technology bringing structure, a modern interface, and new challenges to develop these essential skills for happy kids.
Play Time Is Changing
Active, social and group play is being replaced by solitary time in front of a screen. Imaginative and creative play is going away as kids 'watch' instead of 'do'. This has long lasting effects on children's social, emotional and mental development.
Screen Time Up

Kids age 5-10 average 4.5 hours of screen time daily
Source: Connected Kids Report
Active Time Down

The average kid spends only 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured play outdoors.
Source: Child Mind Institute
We want to turn this trend around by creating toys that encourage activity and engaging in socially responsible community development.
We're A Part of Your Community
While great toys are important for strong development in our youth, that's only a part of the equation. At Pressure Games, we want to improve the toy and social ecosystem though the following goals:
Positive Development
We believe toys can encourage healthy development of children. Toys inspire imagination, creativity and social play, and our toys are specifically designed with those goals in mind.
Public Benefit Corporation
Pressure Games is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. That means that, as a company, we are focused on planet, people and profits.
Pledge 1%
As a member of Pledge 1%, we've committed to donating 1% of our company toward our community. That will come through time, donations and community involvement.
Giving Back
We're committed to giving back to our community. A portion of profits every year will go toward community engagement for children activities.
Sustainable Toys
Plastic is a problem. While our toys do utilize plastics manufacturing, we are committed to making our toys upgradable over time to increase their longevity and play value. Additionally, where possible, we will try to use sustainable, recyclable materials to minimize our impact.
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