The Countdown Game
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  • The Countdown Game
  • The Countdown Game
  • The Countdown Game
  • The Countdown Game

The Countdown Game

The new way to play hide & seek.
Hide it. Find it. Beat the mini-games, stop the clock and win!

Can you stop the Countdown?

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Pre-Order Offer: Order now and get 2 free games for Countdown - Animal Sounds and Red Light/Green Light. That's 12 total games!

Orders are expected to ship in March, in the order they were received.


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Countdown was built from the ground up for versatility and huge replay value:

  • Packed with Games - Countdown includes 10 games, from classics like Whack-A-Mole and Simon Says to all new games like Safe Cracker, Catch the Color, Cut the Wire, lowHIGH, Color Combo and more.
  • Updatable - Countdown is fully upgradable. New updates will be made available regularly with new sounds, games, modes and graphics. 2 new games will be available -FOR FREE- at launch!
  • Multiple Game Modes - Work together or play competitively in any of the 4 included modes:
    • Hide & Seek - The classic game of hide & seek has been updated. One player hides Countdown and sets a timer. The remaining players have to find Countdown and play through an onslaught of fast-paced mini-games to stop the timer.
    • Hot Potato - Challenge a group of friends to see who's the last kid standing. Pass Countdown back and forth and play through a random mini-game as fast as you can so you can pass it on. Just don't be holding Countdown the the timer runs out!
    • Table Co-Op - Work together to stop the timer. Take turns solving the mini-games to beat the clock.
    • Single Player - Hone your skills and set a new best time in any of the mini-games
  • Ages 3-12+ - An adjustable difficulty level from level 1 to 9 lets you tailor the play to the group playing. Lower levels are slower and do not require reading skills. Higher levels pose a real challenge to even the seasoned gamer.



Ages 3-12+
Adjustable difficulty levels from non-readers up to experienced gamers
Great for indoor or outdoor play
Includes: Countdown toy & instruction booklet
Requires 4x AA Batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable)


"Lately it's been really hard getting my kids off of the electronics, but when I introduced this game to them they wanted to play this fun version of hide and seek for hours!"
Mom Explores Southwest FL
August 13, 2020
"I have just as much playing as my 12 year old does. WE play together or can play solo. Try setting it out on the table as a centerpiece when you have a social gathering and watch the adults grab it and get into game mode."
Parenting Healthy
July 28, 2020
"This game is a blast! We played for hours with this yesterday and have plans to play again this evening!"
Dream Team Toy Adventures
July 15, 2020
"Such a great clever, interactive toy that can be played with inside or even better- OUT!"
Granola and Grace
December, 2019
"Our Countdown prototype is a BIG hit! My kids are playing hide and seek without me... and I'm a little bit jealous!"
Sarah - Winter Park, FL
October, 2019
"I had so much fun playing with this amazing new version of hide and seek game. It has so many fun games on it. I can play it by myself or with my sisters."
Grace the Toy Princess
October, 2019
"I honestly think you have a winner here. So far, I must say we really enjoy playing as a family with it."
Jeff - San Antonio, TX
September, 2019


The 2019 Outdoor Toy Awards
Winner - Best Outdoor Sport
2020 Kids at Play Interactive Awards
Nominated - Best Toy Startup Product

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