This last Tuesday we ended our 3 part Tech Tuesday game creation session. On completion, we had a fully functioning game with lights, a button, and a display to show the score and instructions to the user. It may not be the most complex game in the world, but it's a game you can create at home to learn about electronics. It was a total blast to have these sessions, answer questions and help kids (and grown ups) learn a little more about technology we use every day.

If you weren't able to follow along live, that's ok! Check out our Tech Tuesday Game Development Overview blog post that has links to each video, the schematics and programming flow you'll need to start on your own.

Tech Tuesday is going to take a break next week, May 19th but will be back on Tuesday May 26th focusing on a new tech topic. We hope you'll join us then and make sure to follow the Pressure Games Facebook Page to get reminders of future livestreams!

Last week, a friend on Facebook put out the call: 

A family member worked in the medical field and the cloth masks she uses are uncomfortable around the ears after being worn for hours at a time. Could anyone help 3D print a mask strap clip?

You may be asking yourself what a mask clip is.. we sure did. It's basically a band that goes around the back of your head for rubber bands from a mask to clip onto instead of your ears. It helps reduce pressure and tugging on the ears throughout the day and, after using one for a few minutes, I can attest to how nice it would be to have over a full 8-12 hour shift.

In a large city, there may be many businesses with 3D printers and resources to get these made. In our small town in Florida, we knew we were one of the few that could quickly change gears and deliver. That night, we printed 24 mask clips and delivered them the next day. They've been distributed to original requestor along with extras for co-workers and friends. 

Yesterday, we concluded our 2nd part of creating a Red Light Reflex Game during our Tech Tuesday circuits livestream. The game involves 5 lights turning on and off in a sequence. There's one button that you have to press when the middle, red light is on. If you hit the button at the right time, you get a point! It's a really simple game to play but extremely satisfying to see it all come together with multiple wires, lights and the screen to display your score. At this point in the series, there's just one session left next Tuesday where we'll be adding the character display to show instructions and your score.

Here's a rundown of the lessons we've completed to get us to this point.

This past Tuesday marked the end of a very busy semester at the University of Florida's Impact & Sustainability Initiative. Pressure Games worked with a team of graduate students over the last six weeks to identify opportunities to improve our B corp certification score. This was an incredible opportunity for us to share our business operations and gain insight in how to optimize our performance that is not only beneficial for us but also for the community and the environment.

Want to find the latest and greatest in the world of tech? Then head over to Product Hunt, a community based site that lists the latest and greatest up and coming tech products. The site is broken down into four categories: technology products (web apps, mobile apps, hardware products, etc.), games (PC, web, mobile apps), books and podcasts. This is a space where companies can get some early feedback from prospective users and honest reviews which can be absolutely critical in the early stages.