Winner - Outdoor Toy Awards 2019!
Nominated - "Best Startup Product" at CES
Introducing Countdown
Hide & seek re-imagined. The classic playground game with all new bells and whistles.
  • Great for group play of 2 or more
  • Designed for ages 5-9
  • Indoor, outdoor or anywhere play!
  • Small size results in unlimited hiding spots
  • Kickstarter campaign launching soon
  • Small size results in unlimited hiding spots
  • Adds a fun element of pressure by adding a timer and puzzles to complete when found

It's as simple as One Two Three! Hide, Seek, Play!
Countdown's small size makes hiding more creative and fun. It can go places that normal games of hide and seek can only dream of. Forget repetitive hiding spots in the closet or under the bed. Get ready to search in drawers, under pillows and behind the bushes!
Finding Countdown can be a real challenge. Listen closely and keep an eye out as Countdown will help you through sound and light clues to where it's been hidden. Be quick though, the timer is always running!
After you find Countdown, the clock is still ticking. To stop it, you'll have to beat a series of mini-puzzles.

Countdown has an adjustable difficulty level you set before each round:
Difficulty 1 - Simple hide & seek. No games. Great for the youngest players.
Difficulty 2-3 - Basic games, slow paced. Reading not required.
Difficulty 4-7 - Increasing intensity. Reading required.
Difficulty 8-9 - You better have amazing reflexes to even try..
All Ages Welcome
The difficulties are what sets Countdown apart by allowing a wide age range of kids to play together. A younger player can still create a challenge for an older kid/adult by selecting a higher difficulty.

Tech Specs
Countdown is built to be engaging. It's a high-tech toy in a simple, throwback design. It's powered by a 32-bit microprocessor, 6 bright multi-color LEDs and buttons, a wide, high-contrast display, a 3-axis accelerometer and more. All that tech is meant to draw this generation of kids into a toy that’s meant for some serious play.
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