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The COVID-19 Pandemic has created many hardships for families over the last few weeks. At Pressure Games, we wanted a way to help bring awareness to the importance of social distancing while supporting local charities, and acknowledge our first responders. So we created the “Together We Stand Apart” initiative.

We have made “Together We Stand Apart” silicone bracelets that can be purchased for $2.50 with free shipping. It's a great way to show your support for social distancing while in public and to quickly recognize others that feel strongly about protecting others as well. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to charities supporting families and children suffering from the health and economic effects of the pandemic - current charity partners include: The Boys and Girls Club, The Harry Chapin Food Bank, and The United Way.

On Friday, April 10th at midnight, I watched a countdown clock tick from 60s down 0. I've seen many clocks go down.. from New Years Eve to our own toy aptly named "Countdown." This time was different and much more impactful. This was the end of our successful Wefunder campaign.  

When we launched the campaign, we set a minimum goal of $50k. At close, commitments totaled $57,778, over 115% of our goal. It's an amount that will be put toward our first manufacturing run to bring Countdown out before this holiday season.

Our first Tech Tuesday Facebook Livestream covering Circuits and Programming Basics was a success! This first class was a great primer for how to put together your own electronics and see how easy it is to do some basic programming to turn on and off a light. To get to that point, we covered how batteries work, how electricity flows, how to build and think about a circuit and a general discussion of the hardware will be using during these sessions.

Click through to view the video and be ready for next week's session.

As we hunker down for another week at home to work and our kids are out of school we thought it be great to share some of what we do here at our home office!

Toys are increasingly electronic based and that's where we have a lot of experience. Join us next Tuesday March 31st at 1:00pm EST for an Introduction to Electronics! Want to understand how your favorite toy works? We'll be Facebook live streaming an entry level class, perfect for ages 6+, including build-it yourself and do at home projects. No prior experience knowledge necessary. If you're the type that can't figure out the proper direction for a battery or your kids have an interest in understanding how technology powers everything around us, this is a great starting point.

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All of our lives have been turned upside down with the coronavirus and we hope everyone is staying safe. Like us, many of you are now working from home and/or your kids are home from school for the next few weeks. Between online classes and online meetings, Face-timing with friends and family, movies, and board games you may be looking for some clever ideas around the house to keep you and your kids busy and entertained.

We are still work hard in our last phase of development and still plan on launching Countdown this summer, but here is an idea to make an easy retro toy: a button spinner! All it takes is a long piece of string and a large button (the bigger the better!) We hope you have fun becoming toy designers in your own home- just like us 😉

This past Sunday, we were excited to demo Countdown to the crowd at CalusaCon in Ft Myers, FL. While attendance was down due to the Coronavirus, the parents and kids that were able to attend were enthusiastic for what we had to offer. We had a great setup with 5 playable Countdown prototypes, units in demo mode to draw attention, a looping video of the social play we encourage and swag (flyers, coloring pages and stickers).

Even though we weren't able to setup a full hide & seek play area, like we did with Kids Fest, we were able to show of the puzzle-play action in single player mode. Kids quickly took to one-upping their own and their siblings time and we even had a few grown ups throwing their hat in the ring. It's seems hard for someone in their 30's or 40's to decline a game of Whack-a-Mole!

Pressure Games is very excited to announce that we are one of 13 companies selected by University of Florida's Impact & Sustainability Initiative to guide us in achieving B Corp certification. This is the second year University of Florida has partnered with Florida for Good to help local companies develop the working principals by which their company will operate in a responsible manner. We will be working with graduate students from the program to create employee manuals, guidelines for community involvement and a reporting structure under which we will eventually be able to apply for B Corp certification.

This program is designed to connect students to aspiring B Corporation businesses across Florida. The Business For Good Lab offers students an opportunity to engage in experiential learning projects to deepen their knowledge of social impact & sustainability and to support companies in achieving the necessary preparation to begin the certification process.

This past Tuesday, we had our introductory meeting with the class that will be helping to make this happen. It was incredible to outline who we are and how we plan to be involved in our community and the environment and meet a group of enthusiastic students who want to help us succeed. 

Pressure Games will be heading to Ft Myers, FL this Sunday for the 2nd annual CalusaCon Convention. We'll be exhibiting at the event with multiple Countdown demo units available as well as a drawing to win one of these prototype units! There will be lots of cosplay, guest stars, guest cars (seriously!), live wrestling and more. It should be a good time for the whole family!

CalusaCon will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ft Myers on Sunday, March 15th from 10am to 5pm. Kids under 11 get in free. $15 for everyone else.

If you can't make it to CalusaCon, fear not. We have multiple bigger events upcoming over the next few months. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for your chance to be the first to try out Countdown in your area!

As many of you know, we've been running an investment campaign to raise the funds required to manufacture our first toy and begin development on our second. We're using Wefunder, a website similar to Kickstarter except instead of pre-purchasing a toy (like Kickstarter) investors can pre-purchase stock in our company at a discount to our future price. We've already raised over $35,000 and are in the home stretch now with our campaign scheduled to end on April 10th.

Most importantly, we are on track to launch our first toy, well in time for the holiday season. We continue to have great feedback and reviews and couldn't be more excited about Countdown's potential.

If you want to be a part of bringing a new type of active, social and upgradeable toy to market, please consider investing. Our next goal is $40,000. Each investment of a minimum of $100 helps an enormous amount toward reaching our goal.

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