Easy To Learn

A Challenge for All Ages

New Concepts and Remixed Favorites

Simon Says, Whack a Mole, Reflex games and more you haven't seen before.

Experience It

Be the movie star defusing the bomb with 3 seconds left. Create your own Escape Room... in your living room.

Play Anywhere

At home, camping or out and about, you'll find reasons and times to play.

Crowdfunding In Q2

Be part of our crowdfunding campaign to get it first and get it cheap.

The Team

Engineers, UX/UI, game nuts and parents. We've got what it takes.

On A Solid Foundation

Arrow Certified Partner
Patent Pending
Our technology design has been reviewed by Arrow engineers and awarded the Arrow Certified Technology badge verifying it is feasible for manufacturing.

Our game flow is patent pending.

Product Roadmap

How we got here and where we're headed

Production Units Ship

Late Q3 / Early Q4 2019


Production Manufacturing Begins

Q3 2019


Hardware Lock

Late Q2 / Early Q3

Form factor, cosmetics, button placement finalized.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Q2 2019

Early sales at a big discount to help fund manufacturing costs. Join our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out!

Beta Testing

Q2 2019

Wider testing commences.

Alpha Testing Begins

Early Q2 2019

Rev2 cases and electrical boards ready to ship to a group of early testers

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Rev 2 PCBs and Case Design Finalized

March 2019

This target date is based on internal feedback and design meetings to make a usable, engaging design for all ages.

Rev 1 Case 3D Prints Complete

December 15, 2018

Our 3d printer goes into overtime spending 15 hours printing our first fully functional plastic case.

(Not the final UI, but great for testing, proof of concept and initial demos)

Rev 1 Electrical Boards (PCBs) Received

After weeks of layout and design (and a few more of stress waiting), the first revision of boards come in and work flawlessly.

December 1st, 2018

Full Time Firmware Development Begins

October 8, 2018

Nilesh, a colleague from a previous company, joins to do firmware development full-time.

First Breadboard Design Complete

September 28, 2018

Wires everywhere, but it works and helps prove we're on to something.

Product Inception

September 19, 2018

Any old weekend of playing with the kids turned into a day of spitballing and prototyping to determine if this could really work.

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